Thursday, 1 April 2010

Development of Ideas 2

Hey again!

I'm a bit late with my posts. A lot has been happening lately, so I've been trying to keep on top of that more, and my blog has taken a step down in priorities lately. Sorry about that! However, I intend to try and update everything that I've been doing for the project.

Okay well I was assigned the task to develop some sketches of the homeless man. Here are some of the drawings I did for the hobo. These drawings are based on ideas we had, which can be seen on my last post

Before I delved into the drawing of the character, I utilized a technique that Pixar uses to explore personalities. "He is, You are, Thou art, I am" or "The Invocation" is a way of examining the following attributes:
  • He is = Physical Appearance of object or person
  • You are = How it functions, or personality
  • Thou art = Personal relationship or experiences with object or person
  • I am = Personifying yourself as the object or person
Below I wrote down a study of the hobo we were thinking of advertising:

You can see underneath the drawings I did. As I was sketching these, I was very aware of how progressively mean these drawings were becoming. It seemed a bit harsh putting a poor person into these situations. My team discussed that this kind of idea may not be very broadcast worthy, since it may be seen as a bit cruel. However, here are the sketches for you to see.

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