Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Storyboards

Here are some of the ideas I had for the advert animation story. I hope it's clear enough for you to interpret and read.

The feedback I got from the others was very positive. They liked the rain and xbox ideas the most, and felt that there would be potential for most of the shots I pitched.

There was a lot of debate about who the main character should be in this, and how we were going to sell our product to him or her. We considered an old lady character for a while, because we thought she could be a bit senile and not really understand how awful our product is. But the a lot of the ideas we came up with were aimed at the youth more (xbox, disco, class etc) so in the end we concluded that a teenage boy would be best. He could be a loser who wants to try and fit in in class. The box would be the product we would promote for him as a way of being accepted and getting through life.

Michelle and Jon came up with some great panels too, and we have manage to select the best ones from each of our storyboards. In my next post I'll show you what we came up with

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