Friday, 9 April 2010

Final Colour Swatch

Here's the line up again, only with a splash of colour.

I intended to colour the Jock guy with a tan colour, but he unintentionally looks like an asian indian. I decided that he looked cool like this, and helped create a nice diversity of nationality.
I also changed the look of the Curvy girl to make her look a little more like Betty Boop.

Jon also sent me this video link that helped inspire me with designing her. The lady in the pink dress is extremely expressive and engaging.

I got some good responses from my team about the colour designs. They liked almost everything about the designs. They pointed out that the Hobo's hat shouldn't be a similar colour to his trousers. I altered this by changing it to a more greyish green colour. At first they weren't sure about Blondie's dress colour. They suggested that maybe a red colour would be more appropriate. I had a think about this, and then came to the decision that the Jock guy was already wearing red, so people may assume they are linked or something. I also explained that the green dress contrasted with the Curvy girl's purple dress. After I had talked about this, Michelle and Jon both felt that these were justified reasons for Blondie to have a green dress.

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