Sunday, 4 April 2010

Gnoming Around

Well, I've made a good start on the character designs for the Advertisement project. I've finalized the design of the main character, and I have almost finished designing the xbox friend of his. I've had a few distractions this weekend so I think I've done pretty well considering.

Anyway yes here are the two poses I need to do for our dear friend Mr main gnome.

[These are screenshots I got from the youtube animatic which can be found on the Gnome group blog]

Using these as reference, I'll try and get as close to these illustrations as possible. They are really nicely drawn, so I should have no problem utilizing them as a guidance for my animation. Unfortunately, the Main Gnome character hasn't been fully rigged and modeled, so I have the Butch Gnome character to use instead, so I can practice using the rig and stuff.

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