Friday, 30 April 2010

Another Gnome Playblast

Just a rather crummy playblast of my work I've been doing for Gnome. Sarah Verrel gave me the rig for the Hero Gnome, which is great because I can work in proper detail on the poses and stuff. In this playblast, I have been working on the hips and body sways. I hope to get some nice arm movement done next, and then some nice expressions. It's just been a very busy few weeks and I haven't concentrated as much on this as I would have liked. It's been slow progress. :( However, I think the timing is getting there, and Sarah has very kindly given me some feedback for the previous playblast:

-maybe dont have the hands cross exactly in the centre of the characters
body, have them off to one side slightly (opposite side to the lean you
have going on) as this counters the weight of the lean.

-try not to sync the arms in movement, even if one starts moving before
the other by just a frame it makes all the difference to break up the
piece, have one arm move just faster than the other (obv not a gigantic
difference in pace) but we never move at the same rate/time.

-Like that you have the hands at different heights, again this breaks up
the shape/creates interest.

- perhaps exaggerate the lean a bit more from the transition of poses.
I've just been acting it out myself and the first pose has you sort of
upright but angled to a side (left or right) but as soon as we enter the
second pose of the arms on the hips you feel yourself leaning forwards,
creating that arch in your back.

So yeah, please continue animation on this, if you could show me an
updated playblast for Tuesday morning (tues 13th) then we'll go from
there. Hopefully i should have the other character for you then.

A final few pedantic points...

were running maya 25fps both rendering and timeline (i know such a silly
thing to mention but an obvious one to overlook)
Were rendering in widescreen so your camera should be set up as 1025 x 576
in Maya (dont worry too much about this for now but just so you know)

Keep up the good work!


I think she raised some very good points, of which I will definitely take into consideration when animating my piece with the Hero rig.

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