Saturday, 1 May 2010

Oh and by the way.....

Our group finished our animation for Rave Live!


We completed all the bits of animation we needed to do, Jon put it all together using After Effects and Final Cut, and then I included the music and dialogue.

We also managed to get some pretty cool sound effects from Matthieu Baron. He worked really hard to get some cartoony sounds done for our Rave Live deadline on Monday, and I pasted it all into the animation for our hand-in.

So we have two versions of our animation. One with Tom Ritchie's Dialogue, Music, and Matt's sound effects. The other version only has Tom's dialogue and music.

I should mention that the music I got was bought from a site called Audio Network. It's a music and sound effects library where you can buy licensed tracks. Once you buy the track, you can use it without worrying about breaching copyright laws. I bought several tracks, and the one my group liked the most was one called "Miami Beach". That is the music you can hear in both versions if the animation


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