Wednesday, 12 May 2010

C-Box exert

The second scene from the C-Box animation. Unfortunately, I havent been able to upload this successfully, but I'll write about it all the same.

This one turned out very nicely. I tried to get a nice overlap in the wrist and hand at the beginning, and I added a little squash and stretch to the nerd's head as he moves into a comfortable sitting position. This gave it a little more exaggeration and energy.

Drawing expressions is definitely something I am strong at doing, and thoroughly enjoy too. I wanted to convey the emotions accurately in this shot. I found it hard to decide whether the geek should be embarrassed about his Box, or proud and excited about it. In the end, I decided that we should make him feel positive about it. After all, we are trying to promote this awful product, so his eagerness to share it with his friend should be evident.

The cool guy's attitude was unchanged from the storyboard idea I came up with. His displeasure at this totally ridiculous product was something I was aiming for from the beginning. So yeh, that stayed in the final production of this shot.

Problems I've experienced have been few and far between. However, my Flash program is older then Jon and Michelle's versions. When Michelle did the backgrounds, they didn't transfer well to my application. So I had to use simple jpg images to work with. That's why in this animation it appears that the nerd's body is overlapping the tv that's in the foreground. In the end, I sent my work to Michelle, and she dealt with arranging the background layers so this wouldn't happen.

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