Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Gnome project update and showreel

Recently, as you know, I have been trying to progress with the Gnome shot I was given by Sarah Verrel. However, I have been unable to develop it any further for many reasons. Time hasn't been on my side from the beginning, and because of this my motivation for the animation has expired.

Because of this, Sarah and Dan have decided to drop me from the project. I am kinda sad but relieved about it. It would have been nice to continue with it, but my pace and confidence to get it done at a good quality was lacking, and I felt that I was hindering the Gnome group's work.

Oh well, it means that I can work on my showreel and E+E project

At the moment, I have been gathering together all my animation work for my reel. At the moment, it consists of the following:

  • "Drawn To A Close" exerts (Foundation Diploma Final Animation Short)
  • Walk Cycles (Degree yr 1 Old lady and Degree yr 2 Dog)
  • Button Bash Animation ( Degree yr 2 Brain Environment Project)
  • "Waterproof" clip (Degree yr 2 Rave Live animation. See previous posts)
  • "C-Box" clip (Degree yr 2 Rave Live animation. See previous posts)
  • "Little Miss Sunshine" with 2D animation addition (Degree yr 2)
  • Lip Synch in 3D (Degree yr 2 Willy Wonka dialogue)

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