Friday, 9 April 2010

Creating the characters in Flash

Spent most of today drawing out all the characters' heads and bodies.

For some of these characters, I'll need to draw these at different angles, such as the geek and the hobo. I think the hobo is going to be the hardest, since he's going to be rotating around 180 degrees. That'll be fun to animate.... oh man.... -__-

The gran is in a seating position because that's basically all she does in her cameo appearance. It would have been a waste of time and effort drawing her standing.

I've assigned us all to the scenes we will be working on. Here they are as follows:

  • Opening Scene (Spotty Greasy Nerd)
  • Dynamic Spinning Box
  • Classroom "Spots and Blemishes" Scene
  • Car Scene
  • Funky Chicken Scene
  • Grandma Present Scene (both parts)
  • "But That's Not All" Shot
  • Spinning Pedestal Hobo Scene
Emma (me):
  • Dancing Girls Scene
  • "Completely Waterproof" Scene
  • C-Box Scene
Michelle requested to do more animating, so I gave her a couple more scenes then me and Jon. The extra ones are fairly straight forward, so I'm sure she'll have no trouble getting them done as well.

I should also say before I forget that we have recorded our dialogue for our voice over. Tom Ritchie, a good friend of ours, agreed to take part in this. He did a fantastic job exaggerating the lines for us, and even taught us a bit about the program "Garage Band". We sped up the dialogue for the product purchase information, which made it even more funny. Also, we echoed the line "But that's not all!", which gave it a rather comical ominous feel to it. The effects you can do on Garage Band are really handy and can create a lot of different moods and depth to a single sound.

Speaking of sound, we have enlisted the help of Matthieu Baron, who will be dealing with the sound and music for our advert. Tara Dulake recommended him to us, so we e-mailed him and another guy to see if they could help us. Here's the e-mail I sent a while ago:

Hey Georgi and Matt!

Tara Dulake has recommended you both to me as awesome sound designers. Me
and my animation team (Jon Blake and Michelle Vinall) are looking for
someone who could do some nice music and sfx for our Rave Live 30sec clip.

At the moment, we are thinking of doing an advert parody in Flash. We have
a vague idea of what we are looking, but obviously we are still in the
early stages of development. But we wondered whether you were both up for
the challenge. If you do happen to be interested in assisting, we should
meet up at some point so we can talk about our ideas, and give you some
example clips as reference or something. If you are unable to participate,
maybe you know of some people who could help us instead.

Anyway yeh I hope to hear from you soon!


Emma Wyton
So yeh, it's great that we have another part of our project in motion. I feel as if all the components are piecing themselves together nicely. Now we should be able to animate! Yay!

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