Monday, 12 April 2010

My first scene finished??

Okay here we have the first flash scene I have completed. Sorry about the poor quality! It took a lot of hard work to get this done. I have a fairly good knowledge of Toon boom now, so I tried to implement what I know into my work with this. I used a lot of tweening for squashing and stretching and general movement. I have a feeling that I may have overdone it a bit. It was a bit annoying having to line everything up continuously whenever I adjusted things slightly. I think I had about 17 layers at the end as well. :O

I'm kinda happy with this, though it runs a lot quicker as a vid, compared to the test I looked at as I was animating. The playblasts didn't give a good interpretation of how fast my animation is. I'll see what the others say, but I have a feeling I might have to slow it down a bit. It's going to be hard doing that, considering the amount of components and layers I'm dealing with.

Some problems I faced:

The line quality wasn't consistent. When I did the templates, I drew them out very small, compared to the dimensions of the "stage". So naturally I had to enlarge the symbols so they could fit in with the scene. When I drew other components into the animation, the lines would be thinner and not fit in with the templates.

This was a problem I solved by changing the properties of the line at the bottom of the Flash interface screen. I could change the density fairly easily. It was tedious going back and changing everything, but ultimately it has resulted in a better quality scene.

Tweening was occassionally a hesadache, though it made my work a lot quicker to accomplish. Also colouring everything was a bit fiddly. I decided to fill the pencil drawn shapes using the fill tool. This caused problems if the lines didn't connect up properly. Sometimes it would take ages for me to find the gap between the lines that affected the way something is coloured. Very frustrating!

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