Thursday, 1 April 2010

Research - Adverts and Animations

I figured the best way to group all my fave clips that have helped me would be to create playlists on Youtube. Inserted on this post are two playlists I made. One contains Animations, and the other contains Advertisements. - Adverts - Animations

Some of my absolute favourites, that have inspired me the most are the following videos:

I think the important thing that we need to remember with an advert is the structure in which an advert is laid out. It's not the same for all products that are advertised, but I have noticed that there is a trend in layout. I see adverts being structured like this:

  1. CLARIFICATION OF A NEED. Basically, you have a problem, and you need something to fix that
  2. SOLUTION. We have the product that will solve your problem and here's why
  3. CONCLUSION. Clearly show the product so it can be recognized, and maybe where you can buy it
I have tried to bare this in mind when thinking about our advert ideas

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