Sunday, 28 March 2010

Development of Ideas 1

After much thought and consideration, we decided that the best possible way to display our animation skills in 30 seconds was to create an advertisement parody. My group felt that this was the best possible solution to come up with a snappy and funny animation. It also helps us focus more, since we have limited ourselves to the theme of adverts.

Knowing this, we began brainstorming about what our advert could present. I made the suggestion that we should have a really pointless product, and then create silly situations that it can be used in. For instance, a brick being used as a phone, or acid being used to contain fish in a tank.

Here are some of the "products" we came up with that we thought would be quite funny.

Then we chose some of the best of the bunch, and came up with funny situations or uses for them. Below are ones me and Jon came up with. Michelle did some in her book. I think she will be scanning up soon.

After doing this bit of idea generation, we felt that the most potential and funny "products" we had thought of were the cardboard box and the homeless man.

With this in mind, we can now do some thumbnail sketches of some of these pointers, and then start thinking about storyboards :D

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